The Nervous System Reset Program was engineered and tested over 8 years so that in 6 weeks your anxiety is permanently solved.

And with our industry disrupting 'No Change No Charge Guarantee - you only pay at the end of the program, once you have clear, measurable results.  





Bonus Trainings That Will Get You More Results Faster

$2000 Value

What You Get When You Join 

Nervous System Reset 

  • Bonus Training I - Situational Anxiety Antidote:  A supplemental training that will show you how to easily stay calm, focused and present no matter who's around. 
  • Bonus Training II - Spinning Mind Stopper:  Learn how to stop your spinning mind ​​to have a much quieter & calm mind and more positive and hopeful thoughts.
  • Bonus Training III - Panic Attack Instant Shut Off: This will train you in an innovative technique that allows you (with practice) to stop a panic attack within 10 seconds of noticing it starting.
  • Bonus Training  IV - Momentum Keeper - At end of NSR program you're shown how to distill everything  you've learned into a streamlined 5-minute daily practice that makes it easy to keep getting improvement after program is over.
  • Bonus Training V - Confidence Rehab: After program is over, you’re provided this premium 3 Week Training that will help you get back to feeling more confident, strong, motivated, happy and focused.


       All bonus trainings are provided to you. 

   But are fully optional. 

One Complete System

Experience the power of the Nervous System Reset process – a complete and integrated system designed to help you overcome your anxiety for good. Gain the knowledge, structure, and steps you need to find lasting relief from anxiety, and best of all, it works quickly! 

Easy To Follow Steps

One of the secrets to the Nervous System Reset Program's remarkable success rate of 90% is the program's user-friendly approach, presenting materials in a simple, step-by-step sequence that is easy to follow, understand, and put into action. 

A Simple Path To Full Anxiety Freedom

Based on the last 150 test cases, typical improvement is 10% improvement per week. So, by the end of the six-week program, participants feel on average 60% improvement.  

And have learned a tool kit to keep lowering their anxiety after the program is over.  As much as 100% improvement

  • Video Trainings of Inner Mechanics Theory  - You will  learn the  mechanical principles and theory necessary for you to know how  to bring your nervous system back to full health and calm.
  • Easy to do exercises - Super simple, easy to do exercises that take 5 minutes to do.
  • Habit creation audios - Customized audio recordings that help form an simple automatic daily habit of what you’re learning.
  • Consistency Support  - Daily progress tracking and schedule to help you stay accountable and consistent.
  • Coaching Recordings - Curated library of 30 audio recordings (taken from $1000/hr coaching sessions with NSR clients) that give you clarity and understanding about common questions you may have along the way.  
  • Personal 1-on-1 Support - 7 day a week support with a highly trained member of my team to help you stay consistent and feel  supported, care for and less alone. 
  • 1-on-1  Coaching with Daniel - 1 x 90 minute Coaching Session per Module = 4 Sessions Total.  Daniel will assess your progress and give you customized exercises optimized for what will work best for you specifically. If you get stuck or emotionally blocked for any reason Daniel can coach you through it and get you back on track.

How does this program work? Nervous System Reset permanently solves your anxiety by focusing on the root cause of where anxiety originates. The nervous system. Over 6 weeks you will be given the knowledge and steps necessary to bring your nervous system back to full health so the symptoms go down and don't come back. 

How much does it cost?  We offer different packages to fit any budget.  And you only pay at the end of the program once you get clear, measurable results. And we have flexible payment plans available to help make it easy for you to get the help you need.  

How do we know if I get results or not? ​Throughout the program you'll be reporting your anxiety levels (from 1-10) on our online data collection system. From this data you'll know numerically how much you've improved in 6 weeks.  Plus, you'll just obviously feel noticeably more relaxed and calm.

Do I really pay nothing if the program doesn’t work?  Yes. At the start of the program you put down a a deposit of 15%. This deposit helps you stay committed and accountable.  If, at the end of the 6 weeks however there is no measurable improvement you get your deposit back and are not charged further.

How good will this program help me feel? Anxiety is not just a feeling in your body it is an entire experience of things anxiety affects in your life. Because this program addresses the root cause of your anxiety and brings your nervous system back to health joining this program will allow you to: ​

  • Feel calmer in social situations and at work
  • Have more positive and kinder thoughts
  • Have a quieter, less noisy mind
  • Small things won't affect you so much.
  • Handle the pressures of life 
  • Get back to the things you like to do
  • Show up for the people you care about
  • Focus and get things done
  • Feel energized and motivated
  • Be nicer and more patient
  • Be more present and connected
  • Feel Happier and more joyful
  • Getting back to being yourself
  • Appreciate the small things in life
  • Having a life you want to live
  • Look forward to the day
  • Feeling more purpose and meaning
  • Feel more confident and proud
  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin.

How much time does the program take? You have 60 minutes of videos to watch per week.  And then each day you are required to do 5 minute exercises,  4 times per day.  So 20 minutes total.

How long before I will start to feel better? Typical results are that you will start to feel calmer and more relaxed within the first 7 days.

How long until my anxiety is gone? Obviously each person is different and the exact time is impossible to know for sure.  However, typical results (based on the last 150 test cases) is your anxiety will go down 10% per week. So, by the end of the 6-week program your anxiety should be down by at least 60%. Then by applying the tools after the 6 weeks your anxiety can continue to go lower and lower until your anxiety is gone.

I’ve tried a  lot of things already that didn’t work, how will this be different?

  • The Root Cause Of The Body - The traditional approach to anxiety is to focus on the mind. Our data showed that your mind is a symptom of the actual root cause location of your anxiety...your body. This program is different because a) it's focused on the body, not the mind, and b) it's focusing on the root cause, vs. the symptom.
  • Permanent Solution Focused - What you have probably tried so far were tools and techniques designed to help you manage the symptoms. This program was reverse engineered from the ground up to solve your anxiety permanently.  
  • It's Mechanical  - You have probably tried approaches or tools taken from pre-existing therapy, psychology or spirituality. This process is not therapeutic or psychological or spiritual in nature, it's mechanical.  The entire approach is different and therefore the outcome is different.
  • Built From Scratch - Daniel and his team did not take pre-existing approaches and put a different name on it.  This is a system built from scratch, with all new techniques and exercises that was tested and optimized over years to deliver a guaranteed outcome.
  • Tested and Proven - Most of what you have learned or tried so far is probably from somebody that hasn't actually fully healed and gone through what you are going through right now. This program has been proven and battle tested (was actual people with anxiety like yours, including Daniel himself) to take you from painful anxiety to full emotional freedom.
  • A Comprehensive System - What you have tried so far are probably individual tools and approaches that help manage your symptoms.  The effectiveness of this process is because it's a highly sophisticated, incredibly strategic, holistic system.  Having a complete system with very specific steps in a specific order with specific timing delivers you vastly superior results than individual tools and techniques.
  • Backed Up Results - What you have tried so far, while helpful, did not solve your anxiety permanently.  If this program was what you tried so far, then this program wouldn't have a 90% success rate at solving anxiety, where you only pay at the end once you get permanent results.
  • Where This Came From - The whole reason Daniel started this company and developed this program was because he had spent 10 years and $100,000 trying almost every approach and modality available already. If anything available (including what you have tried) would have solved anxiety, Daniel wouldn't have had to start his own company to invent something new.

Can this program really get rid of my anxiety? Yes. This program was developed, refined and tested over a total of 8 years to permanently solve any and all forms of anxiety. Even for people who have had anxiety their whole life this program has a 90% success rate. The program is so effective we are the only company in the world to offer our 'No change No charge' guarantee.

Are you sure this will work for me? Based on the fact you've had anxiety for a while and nothing has worked, no matter what we say you'll still be understandably skeptical. But since you only pay at the end, once the program has worked, it makes sense to be skeptical but still try the program.  

After all I’ve gone through will this program still work for me? Yes. No matter your background, upbringing, past choices or what has gone on for you recently this process is still fully guaranteed to work for you.  

Will this program work even if I have a painful, traumatic past? Yes. We have tested this program with thousands of people to ensure that it will work for anybody including people will trauma.  Also, our data showed the number one contributor to how you are feeling right now, is related to how you are taking care of your nervous system right now. Clients with past trauma, not only see their anxiety fade, but also we see effects of their trauma go way down as well.

What about other factors that may be making me anxious?  There are other factors that may affect your anxiety such as your past or your current circumstances. However, this program is based on addressing the important fundamental basics first. So, metaphorically if you haven't brushed your teeth in ten years your teeth are going to be fragile and painful.  Now it may be true your teeth hurt more because your country’s water didn't have Fluoride in it.  Or maybe genetically you inherited soft teeth from your parents. However, if you want your teeth to feel better fastest, we believe instead of focusing on other factors, it’s smart to address the basics first of going to the dentist and learning to brush and floss. 

Everybody is different so how can one program work for everybody? It's true everybody is different, but we all have systems in the body that operate the same for everybody.  Everybody is the same but no matter who you are if you don't take care of your teeth and gums you are going to have fragile, painful teeth.  And so no matter who you are, or what background you come from, anybody can solve painful, fragile teeth by going to the dentist and learning to brush and floss. If that's true for a fragile dental system, then it's also true for a fragile nervous system.  

Will this program help my specific type of anxiety? Yes. There are several different forms of anxiety you may feel you have such as: General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Panic Attacks…etc.  However in this model of understanding these are not different types of anxiety.  These are all just different versions of main symptom which is a fragile nervous system. By bringing your nervous system back to health your version of the main symptom will improve.

After the program do I need to keep doing the exercises?  As you practice the exercises during the program, you are developing a simple daily habit.  So, after the program is over when things are extra challenging you may need to occasionally do the exercises a few minutes per day, however it will be a simple habit you've already built. Also you are provided a bonus training called ‘Momentum Keeper’ which shows you what's necessary to keep the results you have with just a few minutes of exercises per day.

How easy is this program to do? Part of why this program has a 90% success rate is because a great deal of time and testing has gone into making sure everything including the materials you learn and the exercises you do are simple and easy to do and follow.

How emotionally challenging in this program? The program is laid in a very gentle way where you start with simple concepts and then slowly increase in complexity as you move forward. Also, in this program you are not facing or healing your painful past. This program is based on the principle that what you are feeling is a symptom of not taking care of your nervous system. If you take care of your nervous system it comes back to health without having to dig up or confront anything painful.

What if I'm not good at following through with things? Many people struggle with follow through. Part of why this program has a 90% success rate is because during those years of testing and troubleshooting, we developed a structure and system of accountability that makes it easy to stay consistent and finish the program.

Will this program also help with my panic attacks? Yes. You’re provided a bonus training called ‘Panic Attack Shut Off Switch’ which is specifically designed to make your panic attacks a thing of the past.

Will this program address my specific symptoms? Based on typical results here is a list of physical symptoms that have improved from this program: Headaches, Ringing In Ears, Chest Tightness, Sweating, Shaking, Muscle Tension, Muscle Pain, Numbness, Trembling, Shaking, Tingling, Feeling Overheated, Chills, Stomach Pain, Digestive Issues, Trouble Breathing, Rapid Breathing, Pounding Chest, Increases Heart Rate, High Blood Pressure, Nausea, Better sleep, Weakness,  Fatigue, Inability To Focus.

Will this program work if I’m on medication?  Yes. This program has already been tested and proven to work even if you're on medication.

Can this program help me get off medication? Yes. Once your anxiety is naturally and consistently lowered from this program, you can decide to get off your medication.  However, always do so with the consultation of a certified professional.

Is Daniel Packard a licensed therapist? No. Daniel Packard is not a licensed psychotherapist or mental health professional. Daniel Packard has a background in Mechanical Engineering (from U.C. Berkeley) and developed this program by understanding anxiety from a mechanical perspective. This process was developed from Daniel working with people from all over the world (on 5 continents) to test and refine the model to sure the principles are universally effective and safe. Daniel's expertise is also informed by his own experience of using this programs tools on himself to solve his own anxiety permanently. That said, because Daniel Packard is not professionally licensed make your decisions with that in mind and always consult a mental health professional when needed. 

No Empty Promises...Just Results

Using our online reporting platform, you will daily track your anxiety levels on a scale of 1 to 10. At the program's conclusion, we provide numerical data on your improvement

No Change, No Charge Guarantee

Nervous System Reset is the only anxiety program in the world where you only pay at the end of the program once you have have clear, measurable results.

Nothing To Lose Everything To Gain

With a remarkable 90% success rate, if you don't achieve the desired results, you won't be charged a single penny. Embrace the opportunity to witness firsthand the transformative impact this program can have on your life, with zero risk involved.




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Time Commitment


  • 4  x 10 Day Modules
  • 40 Days Total


  • Weekly - 1 hour of instructional videos with Daniel
  • Daily - 20 minutes of exercises

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