Complete Freedom System

Nervous System Reset's effectiveness is because it's a fully complete, tested and proven system with everything you need to be free of what holds you back, instead of just manage it.

Easy To Do

Every day, you're provided very simple, clear instructions so you always know what to do and when and how often. No guessing or confusion. Just work the steps and get the results.

Easy To Be Consistent

We've spent years testing and improving the tools to make sure they are simple and easy to do. This makes it easy for you to stay consistent, finish the program and get results.

A True Innovation

This program is not a technique or tool you've already tried. It's an innovative, built-from-scratch complete system, developed over 8 years (working with over 3000 people on 5 continents) and over a $1 million in research, testing and refinements.

No Empty Promises...Just Results

Using our customized tracking software you will daily report numerical data on what you're working on. At the conclusion of the program you will have conclusive, measurable data that your fear and anxiety is gone.

No Change, No Charge Guarantee

Nervous System Reset is the only program in the world where you don't pay for the program at the beginning, but only pay at the end of the program once you have clear, measurable proof your limtation is fully gone and not coming back.

Nothing To Lose Everything To Gain

Since you won't be charged unless this program changes your life, there is no risk to try our program and see how it can give you your life back quickly and permanently.

Why This Is Different

How our program helps you

Based on data (of past 200 clients) 

here is a list of improvements our system can get you.

  • General anxiety
  • Anxiety in specific situations
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • People pleasing
  • Overthinking
  • Self-sabotage
  • Caring what people think
  • Needing people to like/approve of you
  • Insecurity and lack of confidence
  • The fear of rejection/failure
  • Feeling 'not good enough'
  • Feel consistently calm and relaxed
  • Confident and deep belief in yourself
  • Much better motivation and focus
  • Have a much quieter, kinder mind
  • Get back to doing what you love
  • Feel more content and fulfilled 
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin
  • Be more productive and effective
  • Find joy and fulfillment in what you do.
  • Show up better for people you care about
  • Much happy and more joyful
  • Wake up looking forward to the day


 Nervous System Reset Program

4 x Video Trainings of Theory                    = $2800

4 x Proprietary Techniques                        = $1200         

Results Accelerator Package

4 Habit Creation Audios                              = $440

Consistency Support System                  = $450

30 coaching recordings                           = $1900 


TOTAL                                                = $6,790

*We have payment plans where 

you decide the monthly amount





  • Habit creation audios - Four (1 per module) customized audio recordings that help you easily form a simple automatic daily habit of what you’re learning.
  • Consistency Support System  - We include proprietary software that gives you reminders and emotional support to help make it easy to stay consistent, finish the program, and get results.
  • Support Recordings - To make sure you are never confused and always know what to do, you are provided a curated library of 30 audio recordings (taken from $1000/hr coaching sessions with Daniel) that address common question you may have. 

Duration of Program

  • Program is 4 Modules
  • Modules are 10 days long  
  • Program is 4o days total

Each Module Includes:

  • Theory - Each module provides you a profoundly illuminating 90-minute video training (with Daniel) where you learn the theory of how to bring your nervous system back to full health and so you feel safe.
  •  Technique - You are then provided a super simple technique that makes it easy to apply the theory you have learned in the video training.

Daily Time Commitment 

  • Apply technique 4 times/day for 5 minutes
  • So, 20 minutes/day total
  • Easy to do with a busy schedule

Results Accelerator Package

A set of materials and systems 

that enhance and accelerate your results.

Full Freedom

Nervous System Reset is a 6 week program 

that gets you free of what holds you back permanently.

90% Success Rate

Because of 8 years testing and optimization 

Nervous System Reset has a 90% Success Rate

No Change No Charge

Our 'No Change No Charge' guarantee 

means you don't pay at the beginning,

you only pay at the end,

once you have measurable results


To learn more and see if Nervous System Reset is a good fit for you, book a quick free call with Daniel.


To learn more and see if Nervous System Reset is a good fit for you, book a quick free call with Daniel.

Want Hope?

Watch this quick video of people who

are now living completely free of what held them back

thanks to Nervous System Reset. 

We Won't Let You Fail

I'm guessing that since you've tried so many things already that failed to fix your issue, you're worried the next thing you try will fail also...leaving you feel even more broken and trapped and hopeless.

If that's true, just know our passion is you getting results and succeeding. So, the last thing we want is for you try to this and fail and feel worse about yourself. That goes against everything we stand for.  

The whole reason we spent all these years testing and improving our program is to make sure not only do you fully address the root cause, but also that the steps are simple and easy to do. That way you succeed and get results and feel better, not worse.

Also, because our success is tied to your success (we only get paid, when you are free and happy) we stand by you every step of the way to make sure you finish the program, get results, and can start living the life you want.

What You Can 

Be Free of 

How Your Life

 Can Be Better