Bonus Trainings

A set of innovative trainings that you can optionally add 

according to your needs and experience.

Each Bonus Training is complete 

with instructional videos and easy to apply techniques.

Nervous System Reset Program

This is the fundamental structure and materials 

that make up the program

  • Bonus Training I - Situational Anxiety Antidote: A supplemental training (complete with theory and exercises) that will show you how to easily stay calm, focused and present in specific situations that make you extra anxious.
  • Bonus Training II - Spinning Mind Stopper: Learn how to stop your spinning mind ​​to have a much quieter & calm mind and more positive and hopeful thoughts.
  • Bonus Training III - Panic Attack Instant Shut Off: This will train you in an innovative technique that allows you (with practice) to stop a panic attack within 10 seconds of noticing it starting.
  • Bonus Training  IV - Momentum Keeper - At end of the program you're shown how to distill everything you've learned into a streamlined 5-minute daily practice that makes it easy to keep the results you have and keep getting more improvement (if needed) after program is over.


All bonus trainings are provided but optional

Full Anxiety Freedom

Unlike other forms of help you've already tried that probably just managed your anxiety, Nervous System Reset is completely revolutionary in that has been been reverse engineered and optimized to address and fully heal the root cause of your anxiety so that your anxiety goes away and stays away. 

A True Innovation

This program is not something you have already tried such as: drugs, therapy, hypnosis or meditation.

This program is a completely innovative built from scratch system developed over 8 years (working with over 3000 on 5 continents) and over a $1 million in research and testing. 

One Complete System

The effectiveness of Nervous System Reset is not any one theory or tool, but rather an ingeniously designed, tested and optimized system. This system of several tools, techniques and exercises (working on multiple levels simultaneously) has been tested and optimized to work to fully address and heal the root cause of your anxiety

Easy To Follow Steps

One of the keys to the Nervous System Reset Program's remarkable success rate of 90% success rate is the program's user-friendly approach, presenting materials in a simple, step-by-step sequence that is easy to follow, understand, and put into action. 

How does this program work? This online program permanently solves your anxiety by focusing on the root cause of where anxiety originates...the nervous system. Over 6 weeks you will be given the knowledge and steps necessary to bring your nervous system back to full health so that your anxiety goes away and stays away.

How do I know if I get results or not? Everyday you will measure your anxiety in two key metrics:  

  • Your average anxiety level (from 1-10) and how many hours/day you feel that.
  • Your peak anxiety level (from 1-10) and how many hours/day you felt that.

You will then report that data everyday using our customized app.

By the end of the program:

  • You will quantitative data that your anxiety went down and stayed down.  
  • You will have qualitative data that you just feel so much calmer and happier.

Will my anxiety come back after the program is over? No. For four reasons:

  • Because the program is designed to fully address the root cause of your anxiety (creating a strong and healthy nervous system) once your anxiety goes way, it stays away. This is backed up by the data we have collected on our clients 6, 12 and 18 months after they complete the program.
  • As you go through the program you are building a daily habit (that takes 3 minutes/day) that keeps your nervous system healthy moving forward, so your anxiety doesn't come back.
  • The tools you learn during the program are designed so that when life gets extra challenging you know exactly what to do to stay calm.
  • Our company's whole mission was to develop a program that solve anxiety permanently.  Because of that we are not going to sell something that just works temporarily.  

Do I really pay nothing if the program doesn’t work? Yes. You do not pay for the program at the start.  At the end of the program (based on the anxiety levels you self report) if there is no measurable improvement you are not charged anything for the program. 

Is this is a scam? No. But we understand that this program is promising something that sounds ’too good to be true’. Also there are a lot of things on the Internet that pray on anxious people. So, being skeptical is understandable. However, a scam is usually where somebody takes your money but doesn't deliver anything. With this program we can't take your money and not deliver, because you only pay us at the end, once you get clear results. 

I’ve tried a  lot of things already that didn’t work, how will this be different?

  • Permanent Solution Focused - What is currently available for anxiety and mental health  is to help  you manage your anxiety. This program is based on a groundbreaking mechanical model of the human emotional system, called Nervous System Reset which is engineered to heal the root cause of anxiety so it goes away and doesn't come back. 
  • Focusing On The Body - The traditional approach to anxiety is to focus on the mind.  The breakthrough that made Daniel’s complete recovery so complete and permanent is that he saw the root cause of anxiety is in the body.  By focusing in the correct root cause location this program is able to achieve permanent results other mind-focused approaches simply can’t match.
  • All New Materials - Daniel did not take anything from psychology or therapy.  With his team, he built this process completely from scratch with a brand new approach and tools you have not tried before. 
  • A Comprehensive  System - What you have probably tried so far in an approach that gives some tools to manage symptoms. This program is not a singular tool or technique but a highly sophisticated, holistic system and process that is optimized to work over time to heal the root of your anxiety.  
  • Tested and Proven - Mental health experts tend to learn concepts and then pass them onto you. But rarely if ever have they gone through what you’ve gone through and are showing you what they did to solve their anxiety. This program is different because it’s the same battle tested and proven process that took Daniel from you are now to where you want to be.

Can this program really get rid of my anxiety? Yes. This program was developed, refined and tested over a total of 10 years to permanently solve any and all forms of anxiety. The program has a 90% success rate.

Will this program also help with my panic attacks? Yes. You’re provided a bonus training called ‘Panic Attack Shut Off Switch’ which is specifically designed to make your panic attacks a think of the past.

How much time does the program take? You have 60 minutes of videos to watch per week. Then 20 minutes of exercises during the day. Then before waking up and before bed you will listen to a 20 minute relaxing audio recording.

How long before I will start to feel better? You should start to notice your anxiety going down in the first few days of the program.  

How long until my anxiety is gone? Obviously each person is different and the exact time is impossible to know for sure. However typical results (based on 150 test cases) is your anxiety will go down 10% per week. So, by the end of the 6-week program your anxiety should be down by at least 60%. And then, after the program is over, you keep applying the exercises you’ve learned to keep lowering your anxiety to zero.

After the program do I need to keep doing it? In the Bonus Training you're provided called ‘Momentum Keeper’ you’re taught a simple 3 minute  daily habit that will help you maintain your results moving forward. If you want to keep getting more results you can do the simple daily habit up to 10 minutes/day.

After all I’ve gone through will this program still work for me? Yes. No matter your background, your past situations or what has gone on for you recently this program is still fully guaranteed to work for you. Even if you’ve had anxiety your whole life this program will still get you guaranteed results in 6 weeks.

If the program is 90% effective then who falls into the 10% where it doesn't work? The concern of course is that you think you might end up in the 10% where it doesn't work. The people who don't get results are almost always from them not taking the program seriously or follow instructions correctly.  There are very rare cases where a person is not able to understand the concepts and therefore can't apply them.  On your consulation with Daniel he will see if there any reason this program will not work for you.  If he feels that is the case he will let you know and not let you do the program.  If he offers the program to you it means he is certain it will work for you.

Will this program help your specific type of anxiety? Yes. There are several different forms of anxiety you may feel you have such as: General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety, Panic Attacks…etc. What our research showed was there aren't different types of anxiety.  Rather there are just different versions of the same root cause...a fragile nervous system. So, because this program addresses the root cause of all anxieties, all types and forms of anxiety are improved.

Will this program address my specific symptoms? Most likely. Because this program addresses the root cause of your anxiety, in 6 weeks you can experience up to a 60% improvement in multiple areas including:

  • Less headaches
  • Less ringing in ears
  • Less tightness in the chest
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Sleeping more deeply and feeling well rested
  • Feeling calmer in social situations
  • Feeling calmer giving presentations at work.
  • Having more positive and kinder thoughts.
  • Having a quieter, less noisy mind
  • Small things not affecting  you so much.
  • Being able to handle the pressures of life much better.
  • Being able to travel and drive again
  • Showing up for people you care about
  • Being able to focus/get things done
  • Feeling energized and motivated
  • Being nicer and more patient
  • Feeling Happier and more joyful

Will this program work if I’m on medication?  Yes. This program has already been tested and proven to work even if on medication.

Can this program help me get off medication? Yes. Once your anxiety is naturally and consistently lowered from this program you can decide to get off your medication. However, depending on how long you’ve been on the medication, there can be side effects, so consult a certified professional about this.

How difficult is this program? The steps are very easy to follow. The exercises are easy to understand and implement. That said, the process does require commitment and discipline.

Is Daniel Packard a licensed therapist? No. Daniel Packard is not a licensed psychotherapist or mental health professional. Daniel has a background in Mechanical Engineering (from U.C. Berkeley) and after struggling with horrible anxiety himself, he started his own company to develop a system to solve anxiety permanently. Over 8 years of research and testing (working with thousands of people all over the world) Daniel and his team developed a system that not only solved Daniel's anxiety but hundreds of others as well. That said, because Daniel Packard is not professionally licensed make your decisions with that in mind.

No Empty Promises...Just Results

Using our customized app you will daily track your anxiety levels on a scale of 1 to 10.  At the conclusion of the program you will have conclusive, measurable data that your anxiety went down and stayed down.

No Change, No Charge Guarantee

Nervous System Reset is the only anxiety program in the world where you don't pay for the program at the beginning, but only pay at the end of the program once you have clear, measurable results.

Nothing To Lose Everything To Gain

Since you won't be charged unless this changes your life, there is no risk to try our program and see how it can give you your life back. With nothing to lose and everything to gain give yourself a chance to be happy again.




Time Commitment

Program Duration

  • 4  x 10 Day Modules
  • 40 Days Total

Time Requirements

  • Weekly

            - 1 hour of instructional videos with Daniel

            - Pre-recorded and can be watched anytime

  • Daily

            - 20 minutes of exercises

            - 5 min progress/tracking report

Why This Is Different

You Could Be Next

If you haven't already, listen to these real stories of people who, thanks to Nervous System Reset are now living completely anxiety free.

A Permanent Solution

Nervous System Reset is a 6 week program 

that solves your anxiety permanently

90% Success Rate

Because of 8 years testing and optimization 

Nervous System Reset has a 90% Success Rate

No Change No Charge

Our 'No Change No Charge' guarantee 

means you don't pay at the beginning,

you only pay at the end,

once you have measurable results

Still Have Questions? 

We've got answers

How your life will be better

Everybody, including you, experiences anxiety differently. However, based on the data (from our last 200 test cases) here is a list of the many ways you can expect to feel better from our program.

  • General, ongoing anxious feelings go away
  • Things that used to make you anxious, don't
  • Small things won't affect you so much
  • Handle the pressures of life much better
  • You'll feel calm/confident in situations such as:

             - Social situations

             - Workplace situations

             - Public speaking

             - Giving presentations

  • Panic attacks will go away
  • Wake up feeling calm
  • Sleeping more deeply/feeling well rested
  • Having more positive/kinder thoughts.
  • Having a much quieter, less noisy mind
  • Less worrying about the future
  • Being able to travel and drive again
  • Showing up for people you care about
  • Being nicer and more patient
  • Get back to doing what you love
  • More energy and motivation
  • Feeling happier and more joyful
  • Feeling more present
  • Better focus and mental clarity


Below is a list of common questions/concerns people have.

If you have remaining questions/concerns please bring them up on your consultation with Daniel.

Payment Info

No Change No Charge

We do not ask you to pay the full amount of the program at the beginning of the program. You are only asked to pay the full amount of the package at the end of the program once you have clear, measurable results.

Measurable Results

In the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom, it explains how you/we determine you experienced measurable results.

Payment Plans

We know times are tough right now.

So, we have payment plans.

You decide the monthly amount.

As low as $100/month.


 Nervous System Reset Program

4 x Video Trainings of Theory                       = $2800

4 x Proprietary Techniques                           = $1100

4 x Technique Instruction Videos               =  $400           

Results Accelerator Package

4 Habit Creation Audios                                 = $440

Consistency Support System                      = $450

Accountability Support System                  =  $550

30 coaching recordings                             = $1900

Bonus Trainings

4 Optional Bonus Trainings                          =  $2700 


TOTAL                                                   = $10,340

*We have payment plans explained below





  • Habit creation audios - Four (1 per module) customized audio recordings that help form a simple automatic daily habit of what you’re learning.
  • Consistency Support System  - Daily progress tracking will help you stay consistent and on track..
  • Accountability Support System  - Daily structure and reporting software will help you stay accountable and complete the program and get results
  • Coaching Recordings - Curated library of 30 audio recordings (taken from $1000/hr coaching sessions with Daniel) that will give you a deeper understanding of the materials so you can get more results faster.  

Duration of Program

  • Program is 4 Modules
  • Modules are 10 days long.  
  • So, program is 4o days total.

Modules :

  • Each module is a complete formula of innovative techniques (we developed and tested) that work together to solve your anxiety permanently.
  •  Materials are delivered in a very simple, intuitive way with clear step-by-step instructions. 
  • Each module is a fully complete set of materials and instructions such that if you follow the steps...you get the results.

Each Module Includes:

  • 90 min video training of theory - A profoundly illuminating and educational pre-recorded video (with Daniel) where you learn/understand the specific theory of what you will be doing in that module to repair and heal your nervous system back to health.  You watch this training once per module.
  • Nervous System Healing Technique - Each module has a specific, proprietary technique that makes it simple to take the theory you learn and put it into an easy to apply daily practice. 
  • 30 min Technique Instruction Video - Instructional video that will show you how to apply the healing technique to your nervous system for maximum benefit. You watch this video once per module.
  • Technique Daily Practice - Every day you will apply the healing technique 4 times per day for 5 minutes.  So, 20 minutes per day in total.  It is the constant, consistent repetition of these profoundly simple, but effective techniques that heals the root cause of your anxiety so it goes away and doesn't come back.

Results Accelerator Package

A set of materials and systems 

that enhance and accelerate your results.