If you are here....'s probably because you are tired of not getting what you want.

Sorry about that. 

Daniel knows the pain and suffering of how that feels.

 But here is the good news.

If you are here... also means you are not willing to settle, are allergic to average, and are willing to do the work to get what you want.

And for that Daniel applauds you.

Truth is most people give up. 

But not you.

Here's the problem.

You've read enough books and seen enough talks and know a lot about yourself. 


But fact is you don't really feel all that different.

And you keep repeating the same old patterns you don't want to.

And this means two things.

a) You aren't going deep enough.


b)  There is something you are completely missing.

Don't worry...Daniel is here for you.

He is going to take you deep and give you one of those 'No way, that is what has been holding me back all along, and I can't believe I didn't see that sooner' moments.


And then (and this is the best part) he will show you how to address it and heal and move past it once and for all.


...just because he can show you what is holding you back with new clarity, doesn't mean it's resolved. 


Awareness is one thing.

Integration is another.

Daniel's gift is that he can take you deep...quickly, so that in a short period of time of working with him you can truly become the next best version of yourself.  So that you can get what you want...faster.

 So the next step here would be to set up an initial consultation.

Daniel will take you through his signature Inner Fitness Illumination Session.


In the I.F.I.S. he will show you two things.


A)  With incredible clarity and precision, what is holding you back, that you can't see.


B) You will viscerally experience the potency of how fast he can help you.


And then, if you want to continue working with Daniel he has packages that range from $1,000 to $3,000/month.

If this interests you...please fill out  the info below and Cristian (Daniel's assistant) will reach out to you right away.

This may seem a bit scary.

But you deserve to be happy and Daniel can help.