Daniel Packard started off as a very insecure boy that was crippled by the fear of rejection.

Partly fascinated by the intensity of the fear of rejection and partly realizing that the fear of rejection was keeping him from what he wanted in life, he set out to understand what he was so afraid of.

He soon realized that underneath his fears (and really everything that held him back) was the deep belief that he was 'not good enough to be loved.'  

But when he looked around to see how he could evolve his 'notenoughness'  there wasn't really anything to help him.

So out of necessity and using his Mechanical Engineering Degree from U.C. Berkeley, he set off to 'engineer' a way to dissolve his 'notneoughness.'

Using a scientific approach and massive amounts of courage and experimentation, Daniel finally began to understand why we feel 'not good enough' and more importantly how to reverse it.

As he reversed and dissolved and healed his 'notenoughness' two things happened.  Not only did everything he struggled to get (money, love, joy) in the past, just start to show up automatically, but people started to notice this shift in him and ask him if he would coach them.

Because the method he created for himself was scientific and logical, he was able to replicate his results in other people.

He spent ten years working with 300,000  (from cultures all over the world) to create and perfect the Love Athlete Academy curriculum.



Daniel knew the best way to get his self-love teachings to the world was to make them fun and funny.   


So using his talent to make people laugh (he was an award-winning stand up comedian for fifteen years) and his talent to help people look within, Daniel Packard created several protects that were deeply insightful but very entertaining at the same time.


He created and starred in his own TV reality show 'Love Lab' that brought insight and healing to single men and women struggling to find love.


He performed his one-man-show 'Love Therapy Live' off Broadway with the producers of Wicked and The Book Of Mormon.


He had his own relationship advice call-in radio show in Vancouver, Canada's largest Hip Hop Station.


Daniel wrote the very entertaining but deeply healing book: Self-Love Made Simple: A Playful, Practical Guide to Building Self-Love Quickly & Easily.


With his talks 'Why God Wants You Single For Now' and 'Let God Be Your Couples Counselor,' Daniel has spoken in Churches and Synagogues throughout the world.


To over 400 schools, Daniel wrote and performed a funny but insightful motivational talk called 'Teenage Survival Guide' that helps students (from age 12-17) use self-love as a way to cope with bullying, stress and social media.


In over 200 colleges (throughout U.S. and Canada)  Daniel helped students laugh and learn and build self-love with his entertaining talk 'Love Yourself'  for which he was awarded the National College Lecturer Of The Year