My name is Daniel Packard. I’m a Mechanical Engineer. My company Full Liberation Technology spent 8 years and over a million dollars in research and development to reverse engineer an innovative system that’s helped thousands of people live much happier lives by being free of what holds them back quickly and permanently.

You may ask: “How the heck is an engineer able to help people be happier?”

Here is how: When I was thirteen, my dad, a physicist, sat me down one day and said, “Daniel, anybody can have a theory or an idea. But what matters is results. Results matter.”

This idea that “results matter” led me to U.C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineering school where I was trained how to look at complex problems and engineer simple solutions that work and get results.

The good news is engineering school trained me how to make machines work. The bad news is I wasn’t trained how to make life work. So, yes, I could make a robot that plays ping-pong, but I was an anxious, insecure, procrastinating, people pleasing, perfectionist.

So, I went looking for help. Ten years and $100,000 of psychologists, coaches and spiritual teachers later, what results did I get? I could manage my problems, like anxiety and procrastination, but I was never free of them. So, not only was I not happy, but I felt trapped, broken and angry.

One particularly painful and pissed-off day, I looked up at whoever is up there listening, and I said “What do you want from me?  What am I missing?”
 I didn’t expect an answer back, but an answer definitely came back. I heard the words my dad told me all those years ago. “Results matter.”

It woke me up to the sad realization that all those “experts,” while well intentioned, did not get great results.  I was still in pain and struggling and not happy.

So, for myself, and all the people who are still struggling, I started my own research company to see if it might be possible to use my engineering, problem-solving training to reverse engineer a way for people to move beyond symptom management and achieve real freedom.
 It was a noble mission but way harder than my team and I thought it would be.

Fortunately, engineers are unrelenting problem solvers, so we didn’t give up. We worked with addicts in South Africa, monks in India, entrepreneurs in Europe, NFL athletes in the U.S. After eight years working with over 3,000 people on five continents, and over a million dollars in research and development, we began to crack the code.

The first insight we decoded was that most of what people are struggling with are not individual problems but rather different symptoms of one overarching experience: Fear.

You can call it “anxiety” or you could say you’re experiencing a great deal of fear.

You can call it “people pleasing” or you can say you’re afraid to not be liked.

A perfectionist is afraid to make a mistake.

A procrastinator is afraid to finish something.

An insecure person is afraid to be fully authentic.

My team and I saw that if we wanted to achieve permanent results for people, we had to focus not on the symptom, but the root cause: the fear.
 That clarity led my team to the first big discoveries we made, which is that--contrary to what the experts tell us--fear is not a problem of the mind. Fear originates in the body, specifically the nervous system.

Your nervous system is your body’s mechanical threat response system. If your body’s nervous system is out of balance, you’ll feel like there’s a threat and you’ll feel “unsafe” and fearful. However, this all happens in the body first and then spreads to the mind second.
This isn’t just theory. 

Once we developed a system to heal the nervous system and permanently calm the body, the data clearly showed our test cases automatically also had a much calmer mind.

I emphasize the word "system" because it’s the system (not the theory) that gets the results. We saw individual tools are fine for symptom management, but to solve something quickly, you need a system of complementary tools that have been engineered, optimized and tested to work together to heal the root cause quickly. 

The system also gets results because it has easy-to-follow instructions that tell you exactly what exercises to do on what day and when and for how long.

Once we had a system that made it simple to heal the nervous system, 90% of our test cases felt measurably safer. This resulted in not only their fear starting to go away, but also the symptoms of their fear going away. 

And not temporarily…the results were permanent. They now had the freedom to live the life they were truly meant to live. No more band-aids just full life upgrades.

Also, because results matter, we don’t charge our clients at the beginning of our 6- week process. With our 'No Change No Charge' guarantee we don't charge our clients only at the end, once they have clear, measurable results that what they are struggling with is gone and not coming back.

Why? Because results matter.

Another result that matters to me is how I feel every day.

Because, I’m one of the original test cases to use our system, I’m happy and proud to say that after being a painfully insecure, people-pleasing procrastinator with crippling anxiety and PSTD, I’ve now been chill as a cucumber for 8 years straight. I wake up every morning feeling safe and calm and unafraid. 

I also just deeply adore myself, spend hours per day feeling fulfilled from helping people and truly don’t care one once what people think of me.  All this means I now get live every day as the open-hearted, unapologetically authentic superhero of a human I was meant to be.

And best part is it’s not temporary, it’s permanent.  It’s my default state.  It’s real freedom.  And it’s this real freedom to be the person you were meant to be quickly and permanently, that I so passionately need to share with the world.

Fun Facts

I was a professional stand-up comedian.  

I love peach gelato. 

I’m a surprisingly groovy dancer.  

My Story