Daniel Packard, a U.C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineer and Human Engineer,  specializes in engineering permanent solutions for human suffering and limitations.  

After almost losing his life to PTSD, Daniel spent ten years to reverse engineer a ground-breaking structural/mechanical model of the human emotional system.  This innovatively simple model creates the ability to solve inner struggles with the same speed and effectiveness of physical struggles.

Daniel has developed several inner technologies that create permanent freedom from everything from anxiety and addiction to insecurity and procrastination…in a matter of weeks. 


Daniel has designed custom inner solutions for high-performance (individuals including NFL athletes) as well as for companies and organizations throughout the world including Asia, India and Africa.

With his innovatively simple yet profoundly effective methodologies, Daniel’s mission is to initiate an inner health revolution where it’s as simple to develop and maintain emotional strength as it is to create physical strength.

He was also a pretty darn funny stand-up comedian for twenty years and so Daniel creates inner processes that are effective and liberating but also fun and playful.

Daniel also really likes cinnamon rolls and is a surprisingly groovy dancer.  

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