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Does this sound familiar?

You know what is holding you back. But even though you've tried to address it, and maybe it's a bit better, it's still here holding you back?

That is because therapy and personal development don't offer permanent solutions.

Daniel Packard is a U.C. Berkeley Mechanical Engineer and spent 10 years to reverse engineer a process where if you work the simple steps, the thing that holds you back, is gone in as little as 4 weeks and doesn't come back.

In other words.  It's solved.


If it doesn't work.  You don't pay a penny.

Daniel's Book

Everybody want's more confidence, but not everybody knows how to actually build it.

In Simple Mechanics of Confidence, Daniel creates a entertaining and illuminating journey to show where true confidence actually comes from and how to create it quickly.

Group Trainings

I felt more confident and okay being myself and opening up. My husband was specially grateful.

- Janine, 49  Real Estate

You can solve this...

once and for all. 

Because Daniel is a master level trainer and was a professional stand up comedian for 20 years - he has given over 500 entertaining, but profoundly informative trainings to companies, universities and conferences in 10 countries on 3 continents.

Daniel Packard has created a truly innovative and revolutionarily simple approach to personal change.  

Click below to find out how he came up with and why.


U.C. Berkeley - Mechanical Engineer

CEO of Full Liberation Technology

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I always just assumed my self-doubt would be there forever.  I was wrong.

- Stephan, 29 Software 

This process solved my anxiety in 4 weeks.

- Janine, 49  Real Estate

Not only am I who I want to be now. But it happened so fast.  

- Eve, 32 Nurse

Daniel's methods are not complicated.  But you see and feel the difference quickly.

- Kyle, 33 Engineer

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If you've tried working on yourself but still not where you want to be...

Daniel will teach you his innovative process and you will measurably feel whatever holds you back dissolving out of your system.

You can permanently solve these 

in as little as 6 weeks

Mental Health



Panic Attacks







Low Confidence

Low Self-Esteem/Worth

Caring What People Think

Fear of Rejection/Failure

Feeling "Not  Enough'

Feeling 'Undeserving'


Feeling Stuck



Not Trusting Yourself

Don't Believe In Yourself

Choosing Wrong People

Unhealthy Relationships


To hear from people who applied Daniel's process and are now completely free of what held them back.


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as Daniel shares his self-healing journey and the discovery that led him to the development of the groundbraking methodology that has helped thousands.

@Inspired Evolution with podcast host Amrit Sandhu


Strong Inner Critic

Don't Love Yourself

Being Unkind To Yourself

Not Being Able To Say No

Not Making You A Priority

Not Being More Assertive

Not Speaking Up